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Drugs Don’t Work – Breakfast Event

Mr. Chuck Wade, CEO of the Council on Alcohol and Drugs spoke to the Brookhaven Chamber on Drugs Don’t Work.  “We will never be able to stop all of the illegal drugs from entering the United States.”  Our nation is currently under siege from an Opioid epidemic.  People are dying every day from Opioid overdoses, yes, in Brookhaven too.  Employers cannot find ‘clean’ (non-drug using) individuals to hire.  The statistics are astounding.  The United States makes up four percent (4%) of the world’s population but the United States accounts for sixty-six (66%) of the world’s illegal drugs usage.  Again, 66% of all illegal drugs are consumed by only 4% of the world’s population, the United States.  Mr. Wade went on to say it is much easier and safer for the drugs deals to take place at the jobsite.  Why risk being shot or arrested selling on the streets? 

The message is clear:  Drug Free Workplaces and Awareness Education is the answer. Five simple requirements are needed to become a certified Drug Free Workplace.  Blanket drug testing is not required.  Companies that elect to implement the Drug Free Workplace program will save 7.5% on their worker’s compensation insurance premiums. *

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